Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Squares vs. Inches (or how to size a C2C)

I belong to several Facebook crochet groups and invariably the same topics pop up periodically. The one that sets my teeth on edge every single time is when a poster asks, "How many squares should my (C2C) blanket be?" There simply is no right answer to this question. "Why?" you may ask? The reason is, there are so many variables that it is impossible to give an accurate answer. Blanket sizes are based on inches, not squares, stitches or rows. The size of your squares in your C2C depend on the type/weight of the yarn you are using, your hook size and your tension. 

For instance, most of the time I use a worsted weight (4) yarn like Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn or Red Heart With Love and my go-to hook is my Susan Bates bamboo handle J hook. I think my tension is pretty "regular", not too tight, not too loose. So I can count my squares and tell you how many I have using those variables but if you are using a different yarn, hook or your tension is different then your blanket will come out a different size than mine. The "safe" answer is the dimension of the blanket in inches. There are many handy charts out there if you Google blanket sizes.

Below I have crocheted 3 different swatches of 5 squares (or blocks) using different weights of yarns and different hooks. See the difference? The individual pictures indicate the yarn & hook used on each swatch.

Lion Brand Wool-Ease
7" x 7"

Red Heart With Love & J hook
4" x 4"

Bernat Baby Sport & G hook
2.5" x 2.5"

This is why you shouldn't tell someone their blanket should be XX squares. If you made the top swatch into a blanket and went with 50 squares it would end up being about 70" square. The bottom swatch would result in about a 25" square blanket. That's a big difference and could end up with some disappointing results.

I think too often we assume that everyone crochets like we do so our formula will work for them. No one crochets exactly like you and that is part of what is wonderful about this amazing craft we all love. 


  1. So does each square on a graph equal howany squares on the blanket you'll have?

  2. Yes. 1 square on a graph equals 1 square of a c2c pattern.

  3. I have a picture but I want to add names and contact a date. How do I do that

  4. Ok I have a c2c pattern that is for a king size bed how to make it as a throw blanket size